• The event was a huge success due to the efforts and enthusiasm of this great team who managed to transpose all our expectations into reality. We began the project from an idea and in the end we've managed to do a totally different thing in a very short period of time. We really appreciated the flexibility and the commitment of this young people and we’re looking forward to the next event by Universum!

    Anca LeopeaCEO Executive Assistant Caroli
  • "UNIVERSUM was a creative partner, flexible and truly oriented to our needs and desires, in Teambuilding REWE Romania 2014 Project! A strength of the program were the outdoor activities! They facilitated the bonding colleagues in a unique and cheerful way, much more we were out of the comfort zone! :D The team of facilitators was dynamic and full of positive energy! The events program combined extremely creative activities with dynamic activities which led to a very successful series of 4 teambuildings! Thank you, HR - REWE Romania"

    Cristiana StateTraining Manager - REWE Group Romania
  • "The first time I met the UNIVERSUM team was a few months ago. From the call we had till the end of the kick-off meeting UNIVERSUM helped organize for us, they showed remarkable professionalism and skill.

    The team-building concept and the activities designed by them were much appreciated and enjoyed by our people. Also the location chosen and the facilitators themselves have added great value to this event.

    I strongly recommend UNIVERSUM Events for any concept or idea that involves fostering the team spirit by offering at the same time great individual experiences."

    Alexander MilcevTax Partner - Ernst & Young Romania
  • "First contact with the people from UNIVERSUM is surprising. Very young people, enthusiastic but makes you wonder: do they have enough experience, do they know how to handle difficult situations? But after, you discover that you have a real partner for discussion, who is asking many question to understand, to come with a tailor made offer. Sincerely, it seems to be very rare nowadays. I was impressed not only by their out the box ideas, the willing to bring always something new, but also because they proven to be trustworthy, respecting the deadlines and saving time through very concrete and suitable proposal.

    So, if you are looking for special and unique events, beside of what a training company is offering, UNIVERSUM is a good choice."

    Luiza Grecu Medical Director - Danone Baby Nutrition Romania
  • "Should I ever make a list of my most favorite collaborators, you would top it (for the second year in a row) and this is because of your proven professionalism, creativity, efficiency, etc. You get top marks for solving our every request or problem and for having the sweetest employees. You are a wonderful team!

    We are very excited by the results we obtained: netograf.ro has grown with 20,000 users, 90% of these being unique users (in its first few days of existence), portabilitate.ro has recorded a growth of over 150% users, the InfoCentre had 50% more users and veritel.ro recorded three times the number of regular users during your conference.

    For all of the above, I thank you very much! I hope to work together in future projects as well (if it were only my decision, I could promise that we are going to)."

    Mihaela Angelica DavidANCOM - Public Relations Expert
  • "Orchestrate it was an amazing experience for Top Leaders Coca Cola HBC Romania. When you think of an orchestra as a metaphor, it is a complex illustration of a team by performing together. Viewing so many people playing different instruments and the result is very nice and perfectly synchronized. Many people use this metaphor but few have the opportunity to put it into practice. When you are listening to a symphony seems very hard to be able to copy the experience.

    What we did was to follow a few steps: we learned to keep tools and try to use them. Then we listened to the advice of several professional musicians who have learned us the simple ways how to bring instruments to life.

    When it came time to perform together, it was surprising how far we were, in so short a period of time. None of us expected to perform like an orchestra. Of course, it was not perfect, but we performed as a team and the result itself was inspirational for us.

    For me, this experience is similar with business - we are often confronted with objectives that seem impossible. Orchestrate experience gave us confidence that it is possible to achieve results that at first we seem unattainable."

    Jaak MikkelGeneral Manager Coca-Cola HBC Romania
  • "We hired UNIVERSUM for a teambuilding event for XEROX Top Management Team. We loved from the very beginning their enthusiasm and their fresh and creative ideas. The concept they proposed was original, memorable and equally entertaining.

    They have our appreciation also because they managed to accommodate the diverse nature of our group, while keeping everybody involved and feeling part of the team.

    We warmly recommend UNIVERSUM for any company that is looking for a reliable and creative partner for their teambuilding or any other events dedicated to their employees."

    Mihaela IonitaHR Manager
  • "We have been working with Catalyst/UNIVERSUM since 2006 on employer branding projects, incentive and corporate events, internal animation and team-building activities that involved all company employees from middle to top management, from staff to supervisors.

    I can confirm that they were extremely dedicated to our projects and their contribution was highly appreciated and I must emphasize on their drive and enthusiasm, attention to detail, initiative, energy level, imagination, flexibility.

    Besides being a joy to work with, UNIVERSUM was able to present creative ideas and had successfully developed and implements them during our event. UNIVERSUM was a resourceful, creative, and solution-oriented agency that was frequently able to come up with new and innovative approaches to the assigned project.

    We highly recommend UNIVERSUM as a supplier; they are not only a true business partner who invariably understands exactly what a project is all about from the outset, but also how to get it done quickly and effectively. DANONE Romania will continue to work together with UNIVERSUM and we are recommending them for their professionalism and creativity both in developing and implementing corporate projects."

    Luiza TomaInternal Communication Manager, Danone

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