Bucharest Technology Week

Bucharest Technology Week reunites tech enthusiasts and leaders for one week of gatherings across the city.

With events that range from flagship conferences to large exhibitions and small meet-ups, the concept is designed to create a networking and learning platform for the 15,000+ attendees.

After similar events in London, Berlin, Brussels, New York, São Paulo and Beijing to name a few, the event puts Bucharest on the international tech map.

Our mission is to encourage innovation and the adoption of new technologies as well as shining a well-deserved spotlight on the entire tech ecosystem in Bucharest, from students, young professionals & entrepreneurs to C-level executives.




International speakers


Partner Events



Join the movement by choosing the Business Summits that suit you best:

Innovation Summit

HR Masters Summit

Sales Leaders Summit

Java Dev Summit

PHP Summit

Reserve the weekend to live test the technology that will change your future!

To learn more visit the official site and sign up free to Tech Expo, 26-28 May 2017.

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