What is Doodle Magic Board?


Is a mix of traditional and new elements.

It looks like a wooden panel, but by touching certain areas it becomes animated, generating a unique interactive experience.

Illustrations are done in doodle style and are strategically placed to tell and involve you in a story. Some of these illustrations (on average 12) are actionable items. Once such an element has been reached, magic is triggered – a combination of sounds and video mapping.

Doodle Magic Board is a newcomer to the list of marketing tools in Romanian market, managing to capture the attention of both the uniqueness and impact. Re-invents traditional marketing tools specific to different types of events by introducing new media elements.


How does the Doodle Magic Board communicate?

Doodle Magic Board is centered on dynamic, memorable, interactive communication with a focus on fun experience and audience engagement.
The messages are transmitted apparently unintentionall, engaging the customer in a “touch and discover” activity. Thus, customer’s preoccupation with the subliminal messages he assimilates becomes minimal.


The magic formula of the Doodle Magic Board is: 10% brand central message + 50% key messages + 40% engagement items


Where can you use Magic Doodle Board?

The Doodle Magic Board can be used for any type of event involving dynamic communication, interactivity, and engagement: from brand activations, fairs, exhibitions and teambuilding to children’s events and trainings.



Doodle Magic Board can be personalized entirely – from dimension to concept, from illustrations and text to sound and animation.


This “traditional + new” mix brings together the sensory experience, video mapping and sound, engaging consumers in a magical adventure.

This experience is driving them through the interaction on a surge-filled road to the desired message.


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