Gala Awards

Success is best celebrated in the team!


The purpose of such events is to promote teams and members that have a major impact on your company.

We believe in inspiring & educating people to remake the way organisations think about, and engage, people to achieve their purpose. That’s why we created and continue to improve this concept: to recognise excellence in engagement that inspires action and drives the industry and the employee experience forward.

This award is for someone who has shown extraordinary integrity, poise, kindness, generosity or for those who go above and beyond and put in the extra effort on a project. This type of work can be contagious to those that are around it. Seeing one person go above and beyond will encourage others to do so, but if there is no reward for it, most likely this will fade.

Showing your employees that their work is both noticed and valued will go a long way toward  keeping up morale and motivation. Employees who feel appreciated are more likely to feel fulfilled in their work, and as we all know, attitudes can spread like wildfire.


What are the benefits?

  • Provides proof that your company is investing in people;
  • Shows that you care about your employee wellbeing;
  • Shows that you care about your employee involvement in the future of the business;
  • Makes you more attractive as an employer;
  • Opportunities to showcase your work and learn from others.


Red carpet, champagne, spotlights and photographers, each of the nominees and their supporters will take part in a true gala award ceremony.

The categories are chosen according to the desired impact and the awarding process according to the organizational culture of the company.


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Gala Awards can come as an addition to:



Corporate Party

Company Day

Cocktail Party

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