Go Engage

Your ultimate tool for engaging people in your team.


Using the Go Team platform, Go Engage is a versatile tool to share content, stimulate creative thinking and honing your skills.

Why use Go Engage?

Because is an intuitive & interactive platform designed to help you manage your event: from sending messages to requesting meetings, sharing documents, interacting with the attendees and challenging them with in-conference tasks.

Everything is only one click away: everybody gets all the news and announcements, and this is why the platform is an excellent way to update and engage attendees.

You can also gather feedback in real time and besides the fact that this activity is remarkable, is an effectively way to ask for feedback without waiting too long.

Go Engage has a variety of applications, which can be adapted and applied to your desired outcomes.

When to use Go Engage?

  • if you want to experience something different – This app gives you the occasion to perform your tasks more efficiently just by adding some fun and creativity to your event.
  • for re-energizing your team – When teams are energized, they feel like they can achieve almost anything. A happy team is a productive team!
  • when you want to solve your problems – Creating a sense of community is carried back to the office! It will also develop communication amongst your team and create some great memories.

It can be used either directly with individuals or within groups allowing dialogue and feedback.

Go Engage has the versatility to be engaging to all through gamification or just simply a more user-friendly way of engaging people in learning and sharing.

Ultimately, employee engagement levels have a huge impact on an organization’s performance and success.


This activity is released under the terms of the Catalyst Teambuilding license.


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