Hercules Trophy

HERCULES TROPHY is the coolest corporate team competition on the planet!


What is Hercules Trophy?

It’s a unique combination of sport, fun, networking and party. Experience a one-of-a-kind day with your colleagues and get to know them in a completely different manner and setting. A super charged inter-company sporting team day, which builds camaraderie and promotes company loyalty.

Hercules Trophy stands for an energising, all-in day of extreme fun on a unique location. Your business team of 5 players surpasses itself in 12 awesome activities, ensuring a long term effect on teamwork. You have never experienced an event where your guests connect so strongly on an emotional level.

Boost their productivity while creating ever-lasting memories at the same time. If you’re looking to strengthen the bonds with your colleagues: look no further.


What is our mission?

Hercules Trophy aims to organise the finest business sports event in the world, where employees, suppliers and customers compete in a smooth, unique, safe and fun atmosphere in order to enhance their teamwork drastically.


Why should you participate?

Hercules Trophy offers a unique experience that:

  • Rewards people to retain and attract them;
  • Enhances teamwork to increase productivity;
  • Grows your network to grow your business;
  • Shows your employer brand.


Hercules Trophy has 16 years experience all over the world in building great teams. We believe in emotional connection through 12 fun challenges on one day.

No athletic skills required!!

Show your brand to thousands of companies who participate all over the world. Show what you are all about and what a cool employer you are. Take the opportunity to network with the participating companies.

Literally hundreds of thousands of people from all over the world have already participated and felt the incredible Herculean vibe. Are you next?


Write history! Be the winner of Hercules Trophy in Romania!


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Find out more about competition labours visiting the official website!

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