Imobiliarium is the 1st technological real-estate event on the market.


Designed with a simple objective in mind, to create the biggest real-estate event in Romania, the fair combines an exclusive experience for our visitors, with simple, intuitive gadgets that simulate the VR experiences, newly designed activity areas and the biggest promo campaign.

The infusion of technology to the real estate fair and the virtual reality glasses present at the stands, facilitates the acquisition process for any home.

And more, lets you discover all the ensembles in one place!


What was new this year?

In this year’s edition, there were changes in the offer and more emphasis was placed on the quality of the construction, the introduction of efficient and energy efficient materials. Also on smart solutions, and the development of overall infrastructure.

On the other hand, this year there has been an increase in volume of “green” flats and houses.

The top continues with the sea and mountain dwellings. A segment whose growth comes from the high demand recorded in previous years, which is also materialized in the current offer.

On a smaller scale, customers will find in the next edition of Imobiliarium some buildings built in the vicinity of nature reserves.

This year 90% of the homes for sale are new, traditional buildings, some of them with technological endowments.

Along with this, about 7% of buildings belonging to the passive category – with minimal energy loss, 2% – which produce and use energy on their own, were found and a percentage of 1% was represented by other types of construction.

We assure you, a visit to Imobiliarium is worth it, especially as you sign up for free online!


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Reserve the weekend to live test the technology that will change your future! To learn more visit the official site and sign up free to Tech Expo, 26-28 May 2017.

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