Launching Events

So, you have a great product to launch. But, what about a great launching?


We like to organize events from A to Z, where we deal with every detail of your location, event activation, entertainment moments, pre-in-post event communication and follow-up, etc.

The most important aspect in launching a product or service is the location. It must be accessible to your target, here too, it must somehow go hand in hand with the product or service that you launched.

Also, the way participants are invited and the activations offered are part of the whole event experience that should be as close as possible to how the product or service launched brings impact.

Therefore, the place should be appropriate for the concept you create or the service you are promoting. It must correspond to the needs, desires and aspirations of the participants, or even their number.

It’s also very important that the location you choose is accessible to your target audience and hang on what you’re about to launch.

A special networking space where future projects can be discussed is needed too.

For example, if you are launching a new software, choose a place that has been hired on several occasions for technology and IT shows. Choosing the right location will make a significant contribution to the entire promotion process, avoiding a possible failure.

Because every complete experience also has the branding part of the location, another thing you need to consider is how easy it can be to personalize the event space according to the needs of your product or service.

The first step is a response from the location coordinator regarding the facilities they provide in this direction. From there up to a brand-new event stands for creativity.

And finally, as your goal is reached, a follow-up by the book brings you closer to the desired impact.


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