Organisational Culture Programs

Organisational culture programs are built on our philosophy of event architecture, start from the company’s need, build the program and harvest the results with a well-established follow-up.

At Universum we believe that for best results, your colleagues should not feel like coming to work, but in a team motivated to achieve the same goal.

Although it seems to be a seemingly abstract element, organisational culture is an extremely broad concept that defines a company or institution through the visions, values ​​or habits assumed, as well as the language used in internal communication or the behavior pattern adopted by employees.

Because culture involves hypotheses, values, and basic beliefs, it tends to be fairly stable over time. In addition, once a culture is well established, it can persist in spite of the fluctuation of staff, ensuring social continuity.

To maintain this energy, we carefully build a personalized organisational culture program, from constant internal activations to small events, teambuilding inserts in the office, etc.


Why is it important for the employee to understand the organisational culture of the company?

  • increasing employee satisfaction and improving creativity;
  • has a great impact on organizational performance;
  • also facilitates recruitment and consolidates loyalty;


Organisational culture affects the way people and groups interact with each other, with clients, and with stakeholders. Also, organisational culture may influence how much employees identify with their organization.
Moreover, companies with a strong organisational culture are more capable of improving their performance by involving members of the organisation.

The culture of the organisation is like a body: the healthier it is, the better it works.

However, employees also have an impact on the organisation, bringing with them their own beliefs and values. And if employees adopt the values ​​and beliefs chosen by organisational culture, the result will generate a high level of commitment.


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