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International Stakes

International Stakes brings the enthusiasm of the Gold Cup, Derby and Grand National, all combined into a thrilling study of shapes, tactical bets, results manipulation.

You can bet your friends and colleagues in a live event, you can soften the race, give an advantage to runners and riders and you still lose all your money.

Survivors or losers, everyone will have fun.


Aceasta activitate se desfasoara sub licenta Catalyst Teambuilding.


30 de minute – 2 ore


Minimum 10




  • Fun & Motivare
  • Dinamica echipei
  • Unitatea echipei


Toate programele noastre pot fi personalizate in detaliu. Puteti modifica programul impreuna cu Managerul de Evenimente alocat dvs. pentru a atinge scopurile pe care le aveti in vedere.

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