Outbreak – Anihile the virus!

Will your team break the codes to create a vaccine that can save the world?

About the activity

Teams are watching a video and the footage really worries them.

The video tells the story of an international team of scientists who, while doing a vaccine against a virus, have been infected. As a result, they are unable to work together to find a solution, so in order to prevent the spread of the virus they have encrypted and hidden the discoveries.

In the new team building activity, teams are challenged to discover the vaccine and save the world! In this adventure, they must be fast in execution, because the spread of the virus is fast and the time is limited. Can the teams uncover the antidote before the virus undergoes mutations, breaking the barriers of neutral cells and allowing the infection to spread?

What are the results of the activity?

Outbreak is an example of focus on experiential learning through the game, in a dynamic and energetic way that stimulates teamwork and the ability to find solutions in a relaxed environment.

Throughout the game, team members will discover and understand that the talent, power and capability of each teammate are equally important in streamlining outcomes at group level. Teams also learn to collaborate and find effective solutions within a limited timeframe, effective communication and active listening being essential ingredients for success.

The unique concept in Romania raises the competitiveness and the desire for success of the players, being perfect for groups of at least 12 people and can only be implemented in indoor environments.


1- 2 hours


Minimum 12 – Unlimited





Time management

Team bonding

Strategic thinking


Team dynamics


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