Sports Activities

Giant Volleyball

A volleyball game with a twist: a volleyball net, a giant ball and a predefined field.

Whether you are at seaside on a sunny beach or whether you are in the mountains where clean Giant Voleyball is for you.

Grass Hockey

Wayne Gretzky is considered the best ice hockey player of all time, but we want to prove to the NFL that Wayne has found his opponent and for that we need you and your team, only we will not compete on ice but on grass.

The environment is not the only thing we replace it. We also replace the puck with a small and playful ball. There is no state of thought. Hokey on the grass is what you need if you want as much action as possible and more fun. Who will be the best player? Who will be the winning team? Who will get the most points?

Human Foosball

How do you think the little men in the famous Foosball game feel?

Take the role of fusball men and try to score as many goals as possible and defend as many balls as possible from the opposing team. Being forced to move just sideways, play is a real challenge that only good team coordination can overcome. But if you think human fusball is too complicated, we also offer classic football where the goal will be for you and your team to have fun as much as possible.


The game that gave a new connotation for the word “fluturas” since childhood returns in the classic version, meaning FUN. Winter or summer, sea or mountain, badminton is the perfect activity to have fun with minimal effort and maximum efficiency.


Put your gloves and armpits, we’re going to have so much fun! This activity is different from the Archery Tag ™ because we replace the hard plastic arrows with a round rubber tip, with real pointed arrows. Pull yourself patiently get as many points and become Champion.


3 – 8 hours


10 – 1000+


All our programs are fully customizable. You will work with your dedicated Event Manager to tailor the program to meet your goals and desired outcomes.

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