Sports Competitions

Let’s have an exercise of imagination…


The participants arrive and are welcomed by an energetic atmosphere and prepared for a memorable day. Gathered with fresh forces, emotions and challenges, the participants are ready to play the anthem and start the finest sports competition.

What can be more exciting than an internal sports competition?

We prepare the sports ground, equip us with new forces, much energy and enthusiasm. Neither should the determination be lacking in order to turn an ordinary day into a victory.

Even supporters have a mission, armed with the “supporter kit”, making all the competitions a success!

Unity, colors, team spirit and desire to win will make participants and supporters have the most beautiful experience. We will combine fun with desire to strengthen the team with the help of evidence to bring its members closer together.

How is it possible to break free from your comfort zone?

Team spirit will contribute to well-being and stimulate participants to want to fight for the whole company.

This experience will not only become unique but will strengthen relationships and increase the level of energy not only in the game but also at the office.


What are our goals?

  • communication and teamwork;
  • overcoming personal fears and conquer them;
  • relaxation through exercise;
  • self-discipline by observing strict working rules;
  • personal involvement in achieving the shared goal pursued by the team;


The MC will keep the spirit up and energize the whole event accompanied by empowering music that will be heard in every corner of the field keeping the energy levels at max!

A fun & relaxation area will also be set so that the participants will enjoy an event to remember!

All these competitions will not remain at the proposal level if you want a football championship for your team.


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