• The fact that I worked with you showed me that you are a professional team, we have achieved together an unforgettable event that will remain in the memory of those who attended. Can not wait to collaborate on future projects to try other challenging and interesting activities that you propose. Thanks for your cooperation Universum.

  • A beautiful team. A lot of energy and and commitment shown at every event. Very satisfied with the provided services.

  • Thank you! For professionalism! For fastness! For openness and understanding! For flexibility! For involvement! And friendship! The event was a success! They were simply charmed. Great job! You are some wonderful business partners!

  • Thank you very much for all the effort made in organizing our 3 days Sales event in Azuga. It was not easy, I know we have a lot of changes and requests, but everything was great, no issues and very smooth meeting and team building. Thank you very much once again. Looking forward for organizing the next one!

  • Team building activity for about 45 people from 9 countries who hardly know each other - was a big success with integration and team building above expectations and all logistics and activities organized effectively. Activities and organisation attracted people attention, everybody was involved, and everybody was comfortable. We received very positive feedback from participants Big Thank you to Marius and his team!

  • Very prompt and open to collaborate with the client. The fact that we found a very good location in such a short time it was a big plus. Thank you!

    NOD Romania
  • As a recommendation of another agency, I collaborated with the Universum team for the first time in May 2017. I was delighted with the team's seriousness, professionalism and involvement, everything went just as I expected. I have been receiving references from other big companies in Romanian agribusiness. For any type of event, I think the Universum team would be successful!

    Rapool Romania
  • A young and professional team, who are real “events architects”. Thank you!

  • As you have become accustomed to us, the professionalism and the quality of the delivered services have made us feel special and with good mood at the event. The warmth and harmony with which you have honored our demands make us come back again and again Thank you for your support to increase the enthusiasm and good mood of EXE Software!

    EXE Software
  • We are happy that you have been a part of the success of the events we organized in Ipsos for several years already.

    Ipsos Romania
  • We wanted to organize a unique and memorable event for the best of our employees, and the Universum's proposals and the way they handled all the details helped us to produce the unforgettable emotions that we wanted. Thank you!

    Banca Transilvania
  • We liked them since the first moment we contacted, we liked the different approach to our needs, we liked the patience and their professionalism. The event was gorgeous and the Universum team was far ahead of expectations.

  • Best events partner that acts as your heart and both sides of the brain (creativity and pragmatism). Universum team is as professional as they come, at the same time as young and friendly as you could imagine.

  • The experience with the Universum Events team was one of those that we would like to repeat as soon as possible. We appreciated from the beginning the opening that Alexandra and Paul proved. Later, when we met the MasterChef team, Alex and Tibi, we realized that everything would go the way we wanted and how we wanted. Thanks to them we have had a real teambuilding and for this, the whole Coca Cola HBC marketing team is pleased!

    Coca Cola HBC Romania
  • Universum is a well-organized team with positive people, friendly, efficient, attentive to details people. It inspires confidence that things will go exactly what you want.

  • We did not think there was anyone who would treat teambuilding with such seriousness and professionalism - until we had the opportunity to meet the Universum. From the diversity of activities, logistics, sound and the very energetic team itself, everything was an unforgettable experience for the participants, without anything to be reproached. Congratulations and we look forward to seeing you at the next event!

    Continental Automotive Romania
  • The whole experience is impeccably built with the Universum team: * starting from understanding the brief to understand the need and then to construct the concept * Advice on completing the concept with all the details that make the difference for colleagues who have felt stars * facilitating the event * and the activities carried out with them are still told colleagues who could not attend the event. The best feedback for this experience comes from the thanks we receive from colleagues, for the inspiration to work with them, from discussions after the event on the hallways, to the kitchen, from the eager to see the photos and videos from the event and, more chosen from the number of updates on Facebook during breaks between event activities. Thank you, Universum!

  • "I think it is in collaboration that nature is revealed," said Steve Lacy, an American composer and saxophonist. I will relate to these words to refer to the beautiful collaboration that links us to the Universum event, in a broad sense, the term art designates any activity that is based on knowledge, exercise, perception, imagination and intuition, we have been challenged to take the collaboration between us to the art stage and for that I thank the artists.

    Iulian Ionescu Adidas
  • "It's very exciting to see people who, although they have absolutely no connection with musical instruments or this kind of music, do something magnificent." (participant) "I played for the first time in an orchestra. It's an unforgettable thing." (participant) "This is one of the unique experiences in a man's life, which delights the senses, and carries you in a fantastic universe." (participant)

    Zoppas Industries Romania
  • Great experience from all points of view that we will all remember. Thanks to Universum, we had a super team building that managed to connect over 200 people to the same goal from start to finish. We thank Universum for seriousness, involvement and last but not least for the fact that every year they come to us with new team building proposals.

  • The Christmas Teambuilding made us smile like when we were children and we discovered gifts in the morning under the tree. The Universum team is a group of "beautiful dreamers". We seriously suspect that they have their headquarters in Rovaniemi;)

  • As an organizer of the NEPI event, I consider it extraordinary that it was only necessary to provide some basic information and everything to happen and be prepared exemplary, without gaps in communication, without many tedious and stressful phones, without dozens of questions and waste of time. I also appreciated the positive spirit of all the ones I have known and the feeling of relaxation, to do things passionately and with pleasure, not because they must be done. It is quite rare to collaborate with people so involved in what they do. I think it was a more promising start for everything that we hope to do together in the future. I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

    NEPI Investment Management
  • An agency that genuinely strives to deliver GREAT, exceed expectations and build memorable experiences!

  • We have had a great deal of cooperation with this agency. Communication before the event, including the event itself, was perfect.

  • The guys from Universum were great ! Really helpful in every situation.  The organisation was superb.I loved the workshops, they were really a great way to entertain us and also we got the chance to get to know each other.  Also, the guide form the draculas castel was a hit ! It was like stand up comedy...  all in all it was a experience  I will certainly remember with joy.”

    OLX BA
  • Having the RIGHT people for the project, is probably the hardest step to do. But in our case, thanks to them, it was easy as pie. When I look back, three things pop in my mind: Emotions, Creativeness and Trust. The creativeness that the Universum team used to create emotions for our colleagues was mind blowing. They’ve put a lot of effort and the result was that we’ve enjoyed each minute of all the events. Also their flexibility and fast adapting attitude help us overcome every challenge we’ve encountered during the hole project. And last but not least, TRUST. Although it’s hard to predict each challenge you can face during a project, the fact that I had outstanding organizers made me feel that we can outcome each challenge, and so we did. Looking forward working with them again.

    Heineken România
  • Team building activity for about 45 people from 9 countries who hardly know each other - was a big success with integration and team building above expectations and all logistics and activities organized effectively . / Activities and organisation attracted people attention, everybody was involved and everybody was comfortable. We received very positive feedback from particpants / Big Thank you to Marius and his team!

    Malgorzata Iszkulo OLX Europe at Naspers Group

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